I'm not one for big friends cuts posts, so I'll make this quick. I did a friends cut. If I cut you it's because we either drifted apart, you didn't comment or update in a significant amount of time. My life is hectic right now and I need to keep my friends list small- I just can't keep up with a big list. It's nothing personal, and no hard feelings.

That being said, if you were cut, please remove me. If you feel like you were cut in error (I'm human so it's possible.), comment here so I can see. [comments are screened]

Good luck with everything,



I've been MIA for a while.

My mom had emergency surgery on Sunday. She looks like hell, tube down her nose, tubes everywhere actually. It isn't fun. She seems to be doing okay today- just got home from visiting her. Hopefully someone can get to the bottom of this. And soon.




Friends Only
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Please only add me if we have things in common. Also, please only add me
if you are going to comment/update your journal. I want to make friends that I
can connect with.